Residential Air Conditioning

Air-Ref Co Inc. provides homes throughout the south FL area with expert Air Conditioning Repair and Service. When on the job, our HVAC technicians take the time to ensure that everything gets done right by diagnosing the problem to find the best and most cost-effective solution. We services all makes and models air conditioning systems. We provide exceptional customer service and total customer satisfaction.

Common Air Conditioning Repairs

How do you know if you need air conditioning repair? If you experience problems like these:


  • Air conditioner is louder than usual
  • Blowing warm air
  • Air conditioner won’t turn off when in off position
  • Air conditioner consistently runs
  • Your energy bills are higher than usual
  • Hot and cold spots throughout the house
  • Air conditioner is leaking refrigerant


When an air conditioner doesn’t cool a home efficiently, the cause could be:

  • Dual run capacitor
  • Low on freon
  • Ants in the contractor
  • Burnt wires
  • Dirty outdoor coil(s)
  • Dirty filter causing coil(s) to freeze
  • Clogged drain line
  • Low voltage short in wiring
  • Bad contractor, indoor/outdoor fan motor or relay
  • Restriction in refrigerant circuit
  • TXV not sensing properly
  • Improperly sized systems or ductwork 

No matter what the problem is, Air-Ref Co Inc offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all HVAC repairs! Call us today or schedule a service call online to come out and fix your systems…  So we can keep you cool and comfortable.


Cutting Costs with Minor House Repairs and Maintenance

Before the summer temperatures — and summertime utility bills — start to make you sweat, you might want to consider making a few changes to cut your energy consumption. You can shave dollars off your monthly bills without sacrificing comfort as long as you plan and get creative. Here’s a guide to saving money and benefiting the Earth at the same time.

  • Cleaning air-conditioning filters every month and getting your system checked twice a year will ensure that it’s functioning as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. unfortunately  most people ignore the AC system until something goes wrong and then they end up buying a new unit instead of making minor fixes.
  • Make sure your house is leak-free, so nice, cold, expensive air is NOT going out the cracks. You might want to consider assigning this task to a professional. Through the Energy Star online directory, you can find a local auditor who will use diagnostic equipment to test your home for areas where air conditioning might escape.
  •  A great way to reduce cooling costs in the longer run is to plant trees or shrubs so that your house is more shaded, especially on the sunnier side
  • Knowing how much you could save is an important factor when repairing or buying a new Air Conditioning system. Everyone should consider using tools like the FPL’s Buying Rebate Calculator to see how much you would save by replacing your home’s current A/C system.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

We do maintenance to prevent your system from having any repair issues. It is recommended by the manufacturers of your air conditioning system that you have a maintenance at least twice a year. Your air conditioning system requires maintenance to ensure that it is operating at maximum efficiency and to prevent breakdown due to lack of maintenance. Click here to find out more.

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