If you’re a homeowner who has dogs or cats, you may have dealt with pet dander and allergies. This happens when irritants and dander from animals go into carpets, upholstery and in the air, well basically anywhere in your home. If pet allergies are a problem for you in your home, we have ways of dealing with it.


Vacuum flooring regularly, and clean pet areas frequent (pet bedding and toys). Doing so will cut down on irritants. It would also be a good idea to have carpets steam-cleaned a few times a year. It gets out dirt, dust, and contaminants thoroughly.


Brush and bathe your pet on a regular basis. Pets shed their fur and skin regularly. Try to keep the pets off places you frequent like your sofa and bed.


In south FL it can be challenging opening windows for fresh airflow due to our climate but when the weather allows try to circulate as much air as possible. Replace the HVAC air filter regularly to maintain healthy indoor air quality. Filters trap allergens and dust. Also consider purchasing an Indoor Air Quality product.

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